Monday, April 30, 2012


Maggie loves apples.  She refused to eat apple slices, she wants the whole apple.  She eat all the skin off first and then eats it down to the core if she is really hungry.  Henry happened to get the remains of her half eaten apple and refused to give it up.  Needless to say, we now have two apple eaters.


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  2. Hey! I love apples too! Henry's face kills me, it's so cute.. yesterday when I facetimed you guys for a few minutes I think he was the cutest I've ever seen him. Can't wait to see him again this summer :''')


  3. Apples are Raymond's favorite food too! Only he prefers them sliced, no skin. We go through at least two a day :)

    I love that Henry has no problem taking the leftovers!! he's too cute.

  4. He is just growing up too much. I love the middle picture the most. He is just such a cutie! Only a couple more weeks until we get to see you again. I cannot wait! Good luck this weekend. We will be thinking about you guys. Wish we were there to help you.