Friday, September 30, 2011


The label they didn't put on your BABY!

May cause sleep deprivation.  Will be the cause of intense emotions. Letting your baby cry will not reduce side effects.  If baby cries, remain calm.  If you find yourself overly frustrated, place baby in a safe place and return with a plan to remain calm.  Remember many plans and strategies will fail.  Breath deeply, do not over-think baby needs. Remember there are four basic cries: 1) My diaper is exploding! 2) Can get some milk with my oreos? 3) My eyes are bloodshot for a reason!!! 4) Look at me I'm an opera singer :-o

All cries, dietary needs and sleeping patterns are subject to change.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Henry...

Technically I lied about Henry's happy disposition because now that he can roll over, he gets frustrated more because once on his stomach he wants to move around.  I use to me able to put him on the floor for a good hour, now it is only a matter of minutes before he starts crying in frustration.  Still he does smile a lot and he is a very ticklish boy with a contagious laugh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We always like it when Grandma visits because we know there will be candy in house for days to come... And now that she doesn't eat candy, there is even more to go around:)  Plus, she always brings other unexpected and extraordinary gifts, like Henry's blanket hanging on the wall in the background.  This visit we also got a bread cutter, not shown and something I never knew existed.  The pink the blanket on the bed is also Grandma's handy work.  I should take a picture of the stitching so that you can get a sense of how emaculated and amazing these blankets are.

PS. Thanks Paige for letting us be a beneficiary... we all know you are the motivation behind Mom's trip:)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Henry smiles

Henry likes to smile.  While testing out his vocal cords, he gets some high pitches that I am sure only dogs can hear.  He also enjoys laying on his stomach, which Maggie always detested. He is a happy boy as long as he is fed and gets enough sleep.  Both of our children hate the car seat and pretty much scream the entire time they are in the car. This pretty much makes me want to never go anywhere.  But I am beginning to think it might be the car seat... I really thought kids were suppose to like car rides???  Speaking of things Henry dislikes, he won't let me hold him while sitting at the computer... this is my excuse for not posting more often.