Friday, September 30, 2011


The label they didn't put on your BABY!

May cause sleep deprivation.  Will be the cause of intense emotions. Letting your baby cry will not reduce side effects.  If baby cries, remain calm.  If you find yourself overly frustrated, place baby in a safe place and return with a plan to remain calm.  Remember many plans and strategies will fail.  Breath deeply, do not over-think baby needs. Remember there are four basic cries: 1) My diaper is exploding! 2) Can get some milk with my oreos? 3) My eyes are bloodshot for a reason!!! 4) Look at me I'm an opera singer :-o

All cries, dietary needs and sleeping patterns are subject to change.


  1. Somehow I am getting the picture Henry has not been sleeping well lately.

  2. I found this post lost in unpublished. Actually, it was written when Maggie was a baby. Henry has his moments but it's nothing like the good ole-days.