Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We always like it when Grandma visits because we know there will be candy in house for days to come... And now that she doesn't eat candy, there is even more to go around:)  Plus, she always brings other unexpected and extraordinary gifts, like Henry's blanket hanging on the wall in the background.  This visit we also got a bread cutter, not shown and something I never knew existed.  The pink the blanket on the bed is also Grandma's handy work.  I should take a picture of the stitching so that you can get a sense of how emaculated and amazing these blankets are.

PS. Thanks Paige for letting us be a beneficiary... we all know you are the motivation behind Mom's trip:)


  1. We get Grandma TOMORROW and gosh are we excited!!

    I LOVE Henry's blanket! So darling. (ps I really really really want to meet Henry. Any trips to Utah planned for SOON??)

    And amen to the shout out to Paige! Definitely the real motivation... but I'm not complaining!

  2. Oh, the quilt turned out SOOOO darling. I just love it. Having Grandma come really is the best. She is just too much fun!