Friday, May 20, 2011

Henry Geddy style

We squeezed Henry in a pot and snapped a few pictures.  Of course, Maggie didn't want to be left out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Grandma's arms

This is the view you see looking down at Henry in your arms.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I don't know if I will ever forget today. I was still in my childhood when a friend told me about circumcision.  I couldn't believe it... it was difficult to imagine something I had never seen, well not until today.  Warning to the faint of heart, circumcision is the closest thing to mid-evil torture I have ever seen.  Everyone always describe it to me like it was really nothing but the whole process was more intense than I ever imagined... and feel compelled to record it.  At least, I wish at some point in my life I had some information about my own circumcision and I thought Henry might appreciated at some future date.  If nothing else but to demystify it.

WARNING: Information below if very graphic - read at your own discretion


our little caterpillar

Things that double for a pirate hat

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Goodbye kisses and our wire walker

Ah, the benefits of living between California and BYU baseball games.  I don't know what we will do when the season is over... but we love being a rest stop.  We only wish we had a guest room instead of a floor to offer.  Maggie and Grandpa T. are both early risers... she was excited to walk Grandpa out to the car to say good-bye.  Afterward, Maggie worked on her wire walking skills.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I hope this quiet stage last forever.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday dress

Last week Maggie opened her closet and pointed to a polka-dot dress her Grandma Richins gave her.  She must have thinned out because a few months ago it didn't fit.  Anyway, I pulled it out and she wore it the whole day... oh ya, this was on a week day.  I guess sometimes you need to get dressed up and hang around the house.

Playing with her rocks

Maggie's nose fascination... just pumping air!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Being a parent continually gives me insight into my own parents. I think about all the mistakes I make as a parent... and my parent's mistakes seem smaller. Parents are really just big kids trying to figure things out too. The truth is most children love their parents despite the mistakes they make. I am so grateful for a mother. Since Maggie was born I have been working from home and taking care of her. I think this is the toughest job. My Mom is wonderful person. She worked from home too and managed to provide a sense of stability. My Father was prone to spending money before he had any, so my Mom was typically the parent paying the essential bills. On top of that she cooked the meals and kept the house clean, with a little help from her children. I can now look back at those difficult financial times with some amusement. But they were difficult times and I thank my Mother for getting us through them. Because of my Mother I have a deep respect for this difficult job. My Mother is a saint.

Sara is also a wonderful Mom. Of course, nothing has turned out like we planned. Instead of staying home with the children, she has been working full-time. Because my work is sporadic at best, it has been difficult to rely on.  I know this role reversal is huge sacrifice for her. I truly appreciate her patience and hard work. Some days she returns to a messy house and manages to cook dinner "quesadillas" because I am too overwhelmed with work and managing Maggie. Unlike my Mother who often carried most of the load on her own, Sara rushes in when I falling apart. I think we try our best to support each other. I am grateful for someone who will share my load. And in return, I am happy to lend a hand when the roles are reversed.

All I can say is mothers are the bedrock... they're the best!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The game

I think they thought I was going to take pictures of the game but instead I swiveled by tripod around and set my camera on incremental pictures.  This is what I got from the series... no coaching or instructions were provided.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 days old

Maggie tenderly reached into Henry's mouth to remove some dead skin on his lip.  Holding it between her fingers and exclaiming, "guck!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bubble Machine

Grandma T. has been on a mission to find the ultimate bubble machine.  Maggie was so excited.  They sat out on the lawn an blew bubbles until the sprinkler came on.  It was great fun!  We all love having Grandma around.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big sister... departure day

Maggie has been getting frustrated with all the new things that are off limits.  "No, the swing is for the baby.  No, that's the baby's toy.  No, that is Henry's crib."  It seems that for the last few weeks she has known her life was about to change.  Of course, she didn't like the changes she could see.  When she walked into the hospital room she wouldn't speak and shyly hid in the corner of the room.  She slowly warmed up to Henry.  After his first day home, I think she feels less threatened.. although she got a bit jealous when Henry was breastfeeding.  She does genuinely respond to his soft cries and you can see it in her eyes that she understands her little brother. Ah... finally someone I can relate my woes to.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Henry Dean Richins

Henry was born yesterday at 6:51 pm. He weight in at 8lbs 11oz and measure 19.5" long. UMC is recording his birth weight at 8lbs 7oz but I have a picture of his actual weight.. ha! The labor was the opposite of Maggie, who came under great duress. Our nurse, Pat, was wonderful. Her philosophy was to wait for the baby to come down the canal on his own. Her water broke around 4pm while the nurse was measuring her. She was surprised by the amount of fluids... she kept saying, "oh, my!" as more and more fluids poured out. Henry was patiently waiting and the nurse told Sara to relax and try not to push until Dr. Harter arrived. When the doctor arrived it was only a few pushes. The doctor and nurse were coaching Sara to not push hard. Henry's head came out and the Doctor let her reach down and touch his raisin head as it appeared. Soon his little body was out completely. I quickly cut the cord and the nurses were patting him down and taking measurements. When the Doctor pulled out the placenta (sorry no picture) he remarked how large and healthy it was. It was about the size of Henry and Dr. Harter put his hands in the sack to stretch it out to get a better idea of its size, remarking, "Look at the size of that swimming pool." Undoubtedly he was enjoying a good life inside the womb. We got to hold Henry and Sara breast feed him which made it a wonderful experience. After a half hour the nurses took him away to nursery.... more to come....

In the waiting room

Sara's badge with time and date

Hospital decor

Henry's real birth weight

Little hand

Nurse Pat

First contact

Dr Harter