Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday dress

Last week Maggie opened her closet and pointed to a polka-dot dress her Grandma Richins gave her.  She must have thinned out because a few months ago it didn't fit.  Anyway, I pulled it out and she wore it the whole day... oh ya, this was on a week day.  I guess sometimes you need to get dressed up and hang around the house.

Playing with her rocks

Maggie's nose fascination... just pumping air!


  1. That's so cute that she wanted to wear her fancy dress all day. :) It's adorable and I love her blonde curls!

  2. Sometimes I like to get dressed up "just because" too Maggie. I totally understand :) Love the air pumping into the nose.

  3. Such a doll!!! Love the dress, love the girl. :)

  4. The air in the nose is a crack up!

    And I LOVE the dress up in the middle of the week! She's so cute!