Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Being a parent continually gives me insight into my own parents. I think about all the mistakes I make as a parent... and my parent's mistakes seem smaller. Parents are really just big kids trying to figure things out too. The truth is most children love their parents despite the mistakes they make. I am so grateful for a mother. Since Maggie was born I have been working from home and taking care of her. I think this is the toughest job. My Mom is wonderful person. She worked from home too and managed to provide a sense of stability. My Father was prone to spending money before he had any, so my Mom was typically the parent paying the essential bills. On top of that she cooked the meals and kept the house clean, with a little help from her children. I can now look back at those difficult financial times with some amusement. But they were difficult times and I thank my Mother for getting us through them. Because of my Mother I have a deep respect for this difficult job. My Mother is a saint.

Sara is also a wonderful Mom. Of course, nothing has turned out like we planned. Instead of staying home with the children, she has been working full-time. Because my work is sporadic at best, it has been difficult to rely on.  I know this role reversal is huge sacrifice for her. I truly appreciate her patience and hard work. Some days she returns to a messy house and manages to cook dinner "quesadillas" because I am too overwhelmed with work and managing Maggie. Unlike my Mother who often carried most of the load on her own, Sara rushes in when I falling apart. I think we try our best to support each other. I am grateful for someone who will share my load. And in return, I am happy to lend a hand when the roles are reversed.

All I can say is mothers are the bedrock... they're the best!


  1. So tender, Standford. You are a lucky one. ...And they are lucky to have YOU!

    (and can I just say that your mother really is just beautiful? I've always thought so.)

  2. So beautiful. You and Sara are such examples to me. (Truly, you have not idea) I love the both of you. I love those pictures with your Mother and Maggie. So fun.