Friday, December 9, 2011

Feeling generous

I decided I am a picture hoarder.  I don't know if anyone realizes just how many photographs I have been meaning to get around too.  I have even more that I intend to nothing with.  I guess I finally decided I should start publishing in larger blocks.  So here is the rest of Thanksgiving in Vancouver.

Fall in Vancouver is beautiful

Waiting at the train station.

Amazing Wii pictures

Maggie watching the Thanksgiving parade in Portland

Rebecca playing drums in Parade, beats marching

Henry and Taya with cousin

Pilgrims meet the indians

Basking in the sun


  1. Yes,please keep sharing them Stanford. I just LOVED all of these. I hear ya on being a picture hoarder though. That is me lately too. I just cannot get myself to post. But, reading and look at all of your posts I just LOVE. Maybe I need to try harder. I adore that picture of Maggie at the parade. But, really I love them all. Thanks for the pictures :)

  2. Lots of great shots Stan! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just beautiful! I think my favorite is the one of Maggie watching the parade. I love the colors and the leaves on the ground and her cute little girl curls. You are so gifted! Thanks for sharing!