Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Carly Jane!

One year Carly gave a special birthday post to everyone in the family when it was their birthday. I loved it! Stanford came up with the idea recently to do the same thing and it just so happens that Carly's birthday is the first to fall in line.

I can't say enough good things about my sister Carly. What I love most about her is her cheerful disposition. Ever since I can remember Carly has looked at the bright side of things. Even during hard times she focuses on the good and does not complain. What a remarkable gift she gives to herself, her family, and friends by choosing to be cheerful!

Carly is also quite the creative girl. I am in love with all her creations and love to get a handmade gift from her. I treasure them all. She definitly got my mother's gene when it comes to sewing and creativity. I know the hours she spends thinking about & researching what she wants to make for someone and the hours she spends creating it. My sister is truly talented!

Carly also has a deep love for the gospel, and for her role as a mother, wife, sister, friend. You inspire me to be a better person Carly! We sure do love you around here and hope you have an awesome birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Carly! Sara and I have been orchestrating this post for a week. I was suppose to find a picture and she was to author a happy birthday wish. The picture went up without her birthday wish... and to fix the whole thing I delete the original post, along with Tasha's Birthday wish to you... sorry Tasha. Anyway we hope you had a great birthday

  2. Thank you Sara and Stanford!! Seriously this means so much to me. You made my day :)

    Love you! (and loved talking to you today, Sara!!)

  3. What a great idea...I love keeping up with your family here...keep it up, Sara T.

  4. Carly is one amazing girl! I so admire her happiness through anything in life. She is an amazing mother, friend, and sister. I love that you wrote this for her! Happy Happy Birthday Carly Jane!