Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maggie pies

Maggie is growing fast and I keep forgetting to write down some of the little developments in her life. She still doesn't really talk. Her preferred method of communication is crying, unfortunately it gets the best response times. She has a few words and does a lot of pointing and signing to manage her world. She has started to develop as sense of where everything goes. I occasionally place my keys in the front closet. The other day while we were going out I told her I needed to find my keys. So she immediately went and opened the closet, where my keys were hanging.

She knows were all her favorite foods are hidden. She loves to help in the kitchen. I always let her pour the ingredients into the bowl. She will even stir the pot for awhile. But her favorite thing to do is watch Dad cook while she eats raisins. This week I set her up at the kitchen sink where she scrubbed the dishes for a half hour. I also got her to vacuum the floor. My goal is to have her doing all the cleaning and cooking by the time she is three.

But despite all the time we spend together... her favorite time is still with Mom, go figure.


  1. Oh. That picture does my heart good.

    I love that you let her do so many things Stanford. You are a fun and good Dad.

  2. As always I love your pictures. Such a great pose. I really love how the black and white stripes enhance the look of the picture.

    Don't worry Standford, Maggie loves you. ;)

  3. I love that picture! And James is the same... when Haws gets home he just lights up!