Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thank you cards have yet to be sent out... and I am still working on getting Christmas pictures up before the snow melts on Mt. Charleston.  This was the first year Maggie could unwrap her presents.  She was genuinely surprised and happy with everything her aunts, uncles, grandparents and santa parents gave her.

Presents from Aunt Leslie & Uncle Clarke

who doesn't love a doll
out of the package

more presents

Grandma Richins music toy set


  1. As you can tell maggie loves to be naked. I'm surprised she has her diaper on. She LOVED Christmas this year. Her face was priceless to watch as she opened her gifts!

  2. I couldn't even tell if she HAD a diaper on in the first few pictures. At least her baby doll doesn't feel out of place. ;) Let her enjoy it before it becomes inappropriate!! (Can we say Melanie?!?!)

  3. She is seriously so cute. I loved all her reactions the whole time she was home. I just love her. Through and through and through. She is such a cutie :) Glad she enjoyed all her gifts. It is fun when they are start noticing and caring. Chase really loved things this year too. It was fun.