Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tenaja Falls - Cleveland National Forest

So I strapped Maggie on my back and we were off... our longest hike yet, 7.5 miles. I thought it would all be downhill but the last few miles were excruciating uphill. I wanted to take Maggie through the Zion Narrows (16-miles) this summer, but now I think she will be staying behind.
The group minus photographer

Trailhead karate

vegetation (Chaparral Yucca)

wild flowers (blue dicks)


blue-bellied lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)

Tenaja Falls

Maggie relaxing at the top

Taylor carries Maggie down:)

Relaxing at the pool with a little barbie

PS. Here is a great website to find native plants http://www.calflora.org. The Observation Library is an amazing tool. Our hike was in Deluz Creek water shed.


  1. I am so impressed you guys did this hike with Maggie. That backpack thing is definatly getting some good use. We are looking into one I think. Not for another month or so, but we want to do a few hikes this summer. I love the picture of Maggie at the top. She is just so stinkin cute! I can't believe how much older she is starting to look.

  2. Seriously I'm with Tasha on the good use you've put to that baby backpack. I never even had a sling with Raymond and it's been my one top wishlist item since birth (not that a sling would really do me much good now!). I love how many hikes you guys go on though! Seriously, can we get in on some Zion fun this summer?!