Monday, April 12, 2010


I asked Sara if I was suppose to get her something for Easter and she said, "No?" But this weekend when I asked my Mom and Sister the same question and they said, "YES!" Of course I knew that. I guess next Easter I will be a good husband and get Sara something. This year she spent her See's Candy gift card on me and put together a cute little Easter basket for Maggie and for us. It was a pleasant day, not much to say about it. We fell asleep watching General Conference. It didn't really feel like Easter without the family around, but it was nice to have a simple, ham, potatoes and asparagus dinner! Maggie dispense with the Pez and went right in for the candy.

Easter Morning


  1. How did I miss this post? This is what I get for not blogging as much this week. Maggie's basket is so cute. Love it. I am glad you had a nice Easter. We missed you guys.

  2. I must have missed this post too! Better late than never :). And no Stanford, you don't need to get me anything for Easter.

  3. VERY CUTE pic of you and Maggie!!! I love your pjs, Sara!!! Wasn't it so nice to have Easter morning and then watch Conference all day. It was the most perfect Easter Sunday.