Friday, August 7, 2009


One thing I love about Sara is the reminders she gives me that her birthday is almost here. One month out and she gets giddy, "Do you know what today is?" I should know by now but I swear my brain is not wired to remember dates. "One month before my birthday!" Birthday month begins, which means nothing really changes except, Sara is making plans and talking about all the things we are going to do. Special favors are done under the guise of birthday month. One week out and presents begin to arrive and we celebrate early, after all it is birthday week.

Finally it's here. The funny thing is in a few minutes I will be wakening her with Maggie and then we are off cleaning the house because the Donavan's are coming out to celebrate and we are going camping, yes camping. Sara even let me influence her birthday plans. This is a big experiment with two toddlers but if nothing turns out at least we will have an adventure.

Happy Birthday Sara!!


  1. I have been giddy all week too! (even though my present is still on my project table... and not under your birthday tree yet... sorry!) Such a big exciting day!! I so wish I were going to be there.

    Hapy birthday! I love your stinkin' guts!

  2. Stanford- I am the same way about my birthday-ITS A BIG DEAL:) Teaf will tell you, "your not alone"...Happy b-day Sara!!! Wish I could celebrate with you. Miss you

  3. Sara you are so cute! I need to celebrate "Birthday Month" too! My birthday is the last day of the month so that work out great!

    Happy Birthday!

    (Good job Stanford.)

  4. Sara sounds like me. I get excited about my birthday too. Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday dear friend! I must admit I didn't get anything in the mail to you this year. I've been a bit off my game the last few weeks! :)

    How about this give me a birthday gift this year on your birthday...MAKE ME GO INTO LABOR AND HAVE THIS BABY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! :)

  6. Oh Stanford, don't worry, you still have many years to learn to remember birthday month. It is always important and I laughed as I read your post b/c I do the same thing to Jim. Hope you guys have fun on your campout!

  7. I sure did LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to spend your birthday with you!! I love that we got to be a part of all the fun festivities :) And camping was very fun. Sorry Tanner got sick and we didn't get to hike, but we loved it nontheless! And Stanford I love that picture of Sara holding Maggie above the water. Love it. You really are such a wonderful photographer. Happy birthday Sara! Hope the birthday week was a good one!