Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's on your browser???

What is that? You know that little program you browse the internet on. Here is a list... hopefully one of these sounds familiar... Firefox 1.5; Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0; Internet Explorer for Macintosh 5.2; Netscape 8.0; Opera 8.0, 9.0; Safari 2.0.
I hope you don't mind... but I need to test drive my portfolio... and was hoping you would follow this link and let me know what you think... critics welcome... also please let me know if everything seems to be functioning and let me know what browser you use. Please let me know if the highlighted links below are working.... this is basically what you should see. thanks. thank you.

this should slide side to side and load new text below for each catagory... click!

this should load an image and slideshow above... click!


  1. Everything appears to be in working order. It looks really good. I like the navigation. I am using Firefox.

  2. nice... the only thing I have to critique is that some of the wording is hard to read. The white lettering in the cloudy sky is hard to see. The rest looks great. Very creative. I used Internet explorer.

  3. I know my post isn't quite as exciting as news about Maggie or Sara... so thanks Shannon and Lori for your feedback.

    PS. Lori... your good deed has made softened my heart and I forgive for posting those pictures of me on your blog.

  4. Stanford you are amazing. I love it. I use internet explorer by the way too.

  5. I used Firefox too and everything worked great. I was very impressed!! You kids just amaze me!! Not only do you make adorable children, but those are some amazing drawings too ;-)

  6. People are so nice... especially Sara's family and friends.. I am less inclined to comment or read what everyone is doing... but thanks to Sara I keep in the know. And despite my own selfish non-reading-non-commenting self... I really appreciate your comments. Thanks Aunt Betsy and Tasha!!!