Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shout Out...

Sara is definitely not someone to secretly not mention "her birthday" especially the day of or the week of. She has been constantly reminding me for the last week... until this has official become her birthday week... wherein, favors are asked in the name of birthday week. Anyway, it has been great fun. Sara, HAPPY BIRTHDAY... HAPPY BIRTHDAY week!!!

Sara's omelet... in bed of course!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Sara my love!!!!!
    It was this time about 11 years ago that I had some of my first memories of you. I went along with Mary, Katherine, Lori, Laura, and Amy. We kidnapped you and took you out to breakfast in the park for your birthday. And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship... on of my lifetime best's.
    I hope your day is wonderful... I know with your sweet husband it will be.
    I love you!

  2. WHOO HOO... Happy B-day! I love birthdays.. especially my own:) I know how it is to remind your loved ones about birthdays...I hope you have an awesome day, week, month, and year! Love ya!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Sara :)
    Hope youare having a great Bday and wish you the best all year long.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!! I hope you had a great one!