Wednesday, July 23, 2008


originally it was my responsibility to take the pictures... and then upload them to the computer... and Sara would post them but since she has been so sick lately... I decided to help empty the inbox by using the one-huge-conglomerate-posting method to put us current.

[[the official ring... just passing though]]

[[the official crash... just passing though]]

[[officially frustrated... politics... rising gas pricing... etc.]]

[[officially hanging in there... a long time...]]

[[before the official picture...]]

[[the official human spelling b]]

[[unofficial spider man...]]

[[unofficial downtime...]]

[[officially waiting...]]

[[official farewell...]]

[[the official redheads...]]

[[the official sisters...]]

[[the official picture...]]

[[official brother time...]]


  1. YEAH FOR ALL THE PICTURES STANFORD!!!! Much much MUCH appreciated. That was actually SO fun to see all those and I loved all your little comments too. You take such awesome pictures. I can't wait to see all of them. That was such a fun fun weekend (minus the car crash!).

  2. I LOVE IT! Fantastic pictures, fantastic commentary, fantastic fun all together :).

    (I really do LOVE your photography... can't wait for you to do a little bit more one of these days coming up...)

  3. Thanks for always taking pictures at all the family events. Please send me (when you get time) all the family pictures by the tree .. I really want to print some up. Can't wait to see you again!!

  4. Stanford, you are so great to surprise me with such an awesome post! I had forgotten about the words we made against the wall. What a great time we had in California!!!

  5. Thank goodness for the catch up blog. I miss you like crazy in person and your blog always makes me feel better about that:) Love the photos! Congrats on another niece or nephew and another brother in law. Big things are happening in the Torgeson (sp? looks wrong..???)familia! I love family!

  6. YEAH! I've been missing these updates! and my little sara t.