Monday, April 28, 2008

Deathvalley 2

figure 1

I finally guilted my mother and sis. to visit us. While they we here we took a side trip to deathvalley ... my second time this year. I am really intrigued by its harshness. We took a different road in this time and made it up to the sand dunes (figure 1)... which I thought were fabulous. Mom was a trooper and Michelle complained the whole time and talked about yellowstone and how many animals there were to see. Speaking of animals, we did spot a few crawling things in mud hole but that was about it... besides the crows circling in the distance and a lizard running into a bush before anyone else could see him. Of course, I redid the sundial... with two people I think it gets interesting... (figure 2) It was only two weeks ago when Sara and I visited but now it was already sweltering hot and the wind was blowing sand everywhere... which I caught on film (figure 3). We also made our way to a some ruins which really weren't worth the 100 yard detour (figure 4) but besides that and our stop at badwater (figure 5) we really didn't get out of the car... it was miserable out there. Well, it always makes you appreciate the good life we left at home... eating Sara's chicken lime enchiladas (not picture) and playing croquet (figure 6) or laying around inside with little Cooper and Cousin Jenna (figure 7) or sitting out in our little patio (figure 8) enjoying our plants that we've been able to keep alive ever since discovering miracle grow (plants not pictured).

figure 2

figure 3

figure 4

figure 5

figure 6

figure 7

figure 8


  1. Love your photos as always Stanford. You are amazing! I really love the sundial thing you do. It was very cool looking with two people too. I am glad you had such a nice time with your Mom and sister. Isn't it the best getting to be with your family? I just love it when I get to. You guys are quite the hosts. I need to take lessons from you:)

  2. That was a great post! I loved the labeling the photos as "figure 1" and "figure 2", etc. We really should play croquet (sorry wrong spelling I am sure) we live like five steps away from you. ;)

  3. ps. Like the new background guys.