Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BYU Baseball

As many of you know, my brother Blake pitches for BYU. His team was in town this past weekend playing against UNLV. It was so fun to watch the three games BYU played and to watch my brother pitch on Saturday's game. Stanford and I were able to have a lot of my family stay at our place and enjoy the games too. Here are some pictures from the fun weekend!

Blake during Thursday nights game where BYU beat UNLV!

Mom, Paige & Tasha enjoying time at our place before heading to the game on Saturday

Uncle Dick, Aunt Chris, Mom, Paige, Tanner, me, Tasha & Brayden

Tasha and Brayden - my sister made these shirts to show their support for Blake "Torg" #32. They were searching for him during warm ups before the game on Saturday.


My brother on the mound

Tanner paying close attention to the game. He really knew what was going on!

Tanner playing with two baseballs someone had given him & Brayden. He had been searching with Uncle Stanford for a baseball most of the game and was thrilled when he finally got one.

Blake chearing on his team as yet another run was scored. BYU won UNLV 21-12!!

Blake looking up at us. Tanner would yell and yell for Blake until he looked up at us and smiled or waved. It was great!

After the game Tanner would jump into Blake's arms. He loves watching his Uncle Blake play ball.

Blake, dad, and Tanner

Great job Blake on pitching. We had so much fun watching you play and being able to spend time with you. We loved having a "party" (as Tanner called it) at our house - with my Aunt Chris, Uncle Dick, mom, dad, sisters - Paige & Tasha - and two nephews Tanner & Brayden who stayed with us. We were sad to say goodbye and have the good times end. It was such a great weekend and we loved it all!


  1. I'm so glad that you could all get together. Isn't family fun!?!?

  2. Look at the picture with Tanner holding your ball and his... your baseball looks like it got chewed up by a lawn mower;)

  3. What a fun weekend! You sure had a full house :)
    I can't believe what a man Blake has become. Great job on the game... keep up the good work!

  4. SO FUN! I wish I was there :). I love all the pictures and commentary. I'll have to come see you again SOON. Go BYU Baseball!

  5. SO SO SOOO great!!! I love all your pictures. They turned out really good. Yours with Blake, Dad and Tanner is much better than mine and I really love that picture of Brayden's little feet. I love all of them! Thanks for posting them. And we loved loved LOVED staying at your place! Thanks again.

  6. how fun i would love to go to one of blakes games! maybe next time he's close!

  7. I love to see all that Cougar Blue!! I'm glad you guys had a fun weekend together. :)

  8. Hi Sara!! I'm glad you found me. You and Stanford look like you are doing well. It was good to hear from you. Thanks for the post. I'll keep in touch ;)

  9. how fun!!! you must be so proud of your bubba! and he must be so proud of his family! so many came to watch him!