Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dreams do come true...

Our dreams came to us in a package of about 1,295 square feet. Here is our little apartment/condo. It's where we staked our first claim and settled down.
Sara was excited about the fact that the place came with a washer and dryer... and a refrigerator... I thought these were just benefits of western living... apparently in California they don't throw these things in automatically.
This is right before we cleaned up the place:)


  1. Love love love love LOVE IT!!!! Wow, love the view too. I think the kitchen is one of my favorites as well. And a fireplace . . . love that too. Can't wait to come see it for myself!

  2. What a great place! I love that you have such a nice big kitchen and bathroom. Is that a whirlpool tub? Glad everything is going well with settling in. It was great to see you this last weekend.

  3. Um, so I really do love the new place!! I love all your fun pictures too. I think my favorite is the long shot into the bathroom. That sounds weird, but it's true!!

    I love visiting you!

  4. Beautiful place! Congratulations!