Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Pics:: Snowball style!!!

Sara and I spent way too much time on this blogging project... but here is the result of living our lives through blogging... originally this was suppose to be an evening project... which turned into projects... and something else. Here is the sweat of our labors, please enjoy.
(View and download the pictures)


  1. I loved the slide show! Sara... you cut your hair! It looks great. Miss you guys, but I will be seeing you very soon!

  2. FABULOUS,FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!! Loved it! Even though I know it too much longer than you planned . . . it was well worth it. I think I will just run it all the time. How many pictures did you serisouly take with all the funny faces!?! SO GREAT!! I was laughing out loud at times. I think I will be printing some of those. SO FUN!!! Sure glad we have a good photographer in the family!

  3. LOVE THEM!! I was laughing out loud. I am so excited to see the slide show of the CHristmas morning poses :). YOu guys are the best!!

  4. I just downloaded all the pictures! Worked great. Thanks!!

    So, to all of you that didn't notice. . . in the right hand corner of the slideshow there is something that says "Download pictures" click on that and you can download all the pictures!