Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My tribute and self advice

Okay, I really don't want to overshadow Sara's tribute but it is my birthday... besides her tribute has pictures... and mine does not. Now, why should anyone right their own self advice? Perhaps after having a bad day and good day all rolled into one, it is possible to feel weak, feeble and confused. So a good tribute and self advice seems to be in order. Perhaps I am going to become a consultant to others who have lost a job, the week after their Father died or before Christmas or squarely on their BIRTHDAY!

Okay, after a while certain doubts do creep in. I have currently changed jobs three times in less than two years. I am suppose to be career building. But never fear Stanford because with each job loss comes another and better opportunity. I attribute my perseverance to my Mother. I attribute my faith to Sara and paying tithing. With each job loss comes several questions. Is it me? Office politic, should I concede? What will I do? What is the price of gas?... really I must stop there and take a deep breath. Whewww... First, I need to remember my faith, that God is looking over all and like the lilies of the field, God will provide. Second, I must persevere. I need to go to bed and wake up in the morning and then come up with a game plan... and then pray and get everyone I know to pray for me.

Well, so far that is the strategy I follow... and oddly enough... in the end I am always gratefully for having past through the experience. All-in-all my trials are quite trite.


  1. First of all... happy birthday! You get to go to sleep with Sara tonight... that is worth celebrating :)
    I am sorry to hear about your job. These things never happen at very good times, but when would it be a good time, right? You are right on the money when it comes to making the trial a blessing. It really is all about what you do with the experience. I know you, and I know you will be able to make what seems like a set back into something that is a opportunity for you to grow even more. You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers either way.

  2. Happy Birthday Stanford (yesterday)! We too are thinking and praying for you. We love you so much and my heart is just sick that you have to keep facing these trials. I feel like you have had to face so many trials in just the 2 years I've known you. But, you have been an example to be at how you do just persuvere and keep moving forward . . .and moving forward with such strength. We love being around you. We feel lucky and grateful to have you in our family. I pray that you will find another job and one that you love too. We are all thinking of you!!!

  3. Stanford, I must say, that was good advice. I feel sick about your job. I am so sorry! Life is something else, isn't it? I know it will work out--and, as you said, for the best--in the end. You are in my prayers.

    I hope despite it all, you had a Happy Birthday and know that you are loved!