Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter at Aunt Michelle's

We spent Easter with Aunt Michelle.  The kids had fun.  Michelle had all kinds of activity plans, all of which were way more fancy than we usually make Easter.  Sara and I listened to general conference via ByuTV and while the kids played outside.  It was nice because we could actually listen. Meanwhile, Michelle made meal preparations, though I think by default she caught some of the conference talks.  The kids totally got caught up in all the hoopla. The message of Christ's resurrection was lost but hopefully that message will become more pertinent as they mature, for now they created some great memories, thanks to their Aunt. 

The kids dyed eggs, melted crayons over hot eggs, painted bird houses, went to an Easter carnival at the park where they ate cotton candy, pop-corn, donuts, cookies and collected a few of the 10,000 eggs that were part of the not-so-hidden Easter egg hunt.  All-in-all they got more candy than Halloween.  They also met the Easter Bunny, Maggie was convinced it was not the real thing.

Michelle made a ham, deviled eggs, potato casserole and green beans.  She also made giant chocolate covered peanut butter eggs (which are currently only half-eaten).  Even with all the good food, I think I ate more candy than real food, which might explain why I can't lose weight.

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