Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Setting up camp

For the last five years we have gone camping with the Donovan family almost every summer.  I wish you could see both of our vans stuffed with kids and camping gear.  Gone are the simple camping days, where I would forget one of my two camping items, a sleeping bag or food.  Now we have scooters, air mattress, cots, luggage with multiple outfits for everyday, flashlights for everyone, including Emma, stoves, cookware, boxes of snacks, drinks in the cooler, card and board games, tent and floor mat, matches and firewood, chairs, sunshades, sun screen, hammocks and we would bring the other half our gear if we could get it into the car.

The Donovan's magically are able to put more into their car and more amazing unpack and pack their stuff in half the time it takes us.  Any suggestion for how we could improve our setting up camp time?


  1. We sure LOVE camping with you guys!! The best tradition. I love that first video...and you crack me up on setting up and cleaning up thing. Love you guys!! You got some great pictures!!! Cannot wait to plan next years trip

  2. It's always an adventure when the family gets together. Can't wait to involve the rest of the fam next year! You take awesome pictures!!