Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emma's Blessing Day

Remember that group picture... the one where we all sat in front of the camera while it snapped a hundred pictures or so... well, the images were all over-over-exposed. Unfortunately, we didn't get picture of the whole group which included the Donovans, Uncle Blake's family, Grandma and Grandpa T, Aunt Michelle's family, Aunt Tonya and Uncle Dale with and Taylor and Grandma Richins and my good friend Andrew Bonomo.

Emma was given her blessing in the Bishop's office because Grandma and Taylor got in an auto accident on their way to church. Young man had basic run into them out of road-rage. Fortunately no one was hurt, just the pride of the other driver.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the only accident on her blessing day. That night I backup into Uncle Blake's car as I was leaving for California. No pictures included! But despite a few misfortunes, it was a great day. We got to be with family and Emma didn't cry during her blessing, which for me made it perfect!

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  1. Man, we LOOOOOVED being there for it. It was such a fun weekend. We love you guys so much. Why can't we be neighbors??? Wish we were. Or at least only lived 20 minutes or less away and hung out all the time. Sigh. But, we sure love you are only a little over 3 hours away. Cannot wait for our summer adventures!!