Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breathing treatments

When the doctor told me Henry would need to have breathing treatments for two months, I thought it would be the death of me.  In the past it has turned into him screaming for 10-15 minutes.  He really hates to be restrained but it was near impossible to do treatments without restraining him.  That is a lot of moving parts and I only have one free hand to accomplish it.   But this time around I decided after a few minutes of struggling, to give him back the reins and some magical happened.  He held his mask for a full ten minutes.  And as the weeks have past he has come to really like his breathing treatments.  It is an awful feeling to restrain your child for the greater good of medicine, so I can't express what it means to see him enjoying it.


  1. Poor baby! That really is one of the hard parts of parenting. It seems like he's getting to be such a big boy if he can do that on his own now!

  2. And he looks ADORABLE doing it!! I am glad he is so good with it this time around.