Thursday, November 29, 2012

Electrical fence

We have a game in our closet called "Lightning Reactions".  It has four metal handles, each with a button.  To  play you push the button when the creepy music stops, last one to push the button gets zapped.  I hate being shocked, which is why I love the game.  Maggie however didn't even flinch the first time she lost; I had test it because I couldn't believe it.  I rank my fear of being shocked with having needles in my eye.  However, Maggie has never been afraid of being shocked and loves testing these things out.  On our walk we came across an electrical fence.  I told her if she touched it she would get shocked, of course, she touched it. (photo by Rebecca McDonnell)


  1. Did it hurt? I love kids!!

  2. That is hilarious. I want to know if it hurt her too? That is an adorable picture of those two.