Thursday, November 3, 2011

Treasure trove

The kids were tireless on Halloween.  Maggie went trick-or-treating with her friends, Anna and Hannah.  Anna was so good with Maggie and led her around most of the night.  They loaded up with a treasure trove of candy.  We had to empty her pumpkin so that she could continue stuffing candy in it.  To her dismay we dumped it in the back of the stroller.  Like any mad pirate, she ran after her treasure and kept stealing the candy back.  We had to remind her several times it was all hers (at least that portion that wouldn't be pillaged by her parents).  Two hours later...they were still running like energizer bunnies.  They would have keep going but we ran out of houses in the neighborhood

Now I am thinking about starting my training for next years marathon.


  1. Holy crap that's cute

  2. LOVE it! You guys are awesome to have as much energy as she did!

  3. Oh my goodness those are some adorable little trick or treaters! I'm impressed she was up for 2 hours of trick or treating! My boys didn't even last that long. :) Enjoy the plunder!

  4. Seriously, your kids costumes are to die for! I am looking for costumes on etsy next year. I am glad you had so much fun. Maggie lasted WAY longer then my boys. hahaha. Maybe they need to train with Maggie. I am glad you guys had so much fun!