Sunday, August 28, 2011


Henry rolled over for the first time this week and Maggie made it through the night without wetting her pull-up.  I know it is crazy but these are major landmarks.  We like to bike to the park every morning, which is difficult because Henry is sleepy in the morning.  We try to get out by 8am, before the temperatures are too high.  This week it was about 95 degrees in the morning. I thought it felt wonderful but several mothers showed up with their children and quickly left after only a few minutes, exclaiming it was too hot.  I guess I have acclimatized to the weather because nothing above 90 degrees ever felt good to me before.  Maggie doesn't seem to be phased by the heat, although I think Henry, who sweats up a storm, would rather stay inside all day.


  1. Those are huge landmarks in the life of a parent!!!! It seems like it takes forever, but progress is made. :) I am also impressed that you have been able to keep those sweet, fair babies free from sunburn. Maggie's cheeks look pink from the heat, but not a sunburn. That would be the hard part for me!

  2. Go Henry and Maggie! Those are huge milestones. I cannot wait to see you roll over Henry. You are going to be moving even more in no time. Maggie that is so exciting!! What a big girl you are.

    This is the first summer I feel little more acclimated to the weather too.

  3. Whoot whoot! That's so exciting! We miss you guys! We need to plan a Vegas trip to come and visit you guys before the baby comes!