Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice cream prayer

Like clockwork Maggie has been getting up at 5 AM every morning.  She is an effective alarm clock... gone are the days of laying in bed half-asleep, instead we stumbling out of the room with Maggie in tow, hoping Henry will continue sleeping despite the ruckus.

Last night Sara and Maggie made ice cream. It was well past her bedtime before we realized the ice cream wouldn't be ready until morning, so it was off to bed with promises of ice cream tomorrow.  This morning, the first thing off her tongue was an excited, "Ice cream!"  I set out a big bowl of ice cream for breakfast and reminded her to say a prayer.  She sat up and rambled off her first prayer of independence with a clear... Amen.


  1. You are definitely the fun dad! Last night I put brownies in the oven for me and Jim, but the girls smelled them before bed and got really excited. I had to let them down gently, but promised they could have some the next day. Of course, Mimi asked for them first thing in the morning. We waited until after lunch. ;)

  2. That is awesome. Hey, a promise is a promise right? And what is better for breakfast then homemade ice cream. Mmmmm.... Love you Maggie. I cannot wait to play. Two more days and counting!