Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maggie's birthday

Maggie turned two without a lot of fan fair.  Family from across the country sent packages... and before we could eat dinner the present were opened.  She took it very seriously and didn't break between gifts.  We had a simple meal of chicken nuggets with home-made honey mustard sauce and a side of cabbage salad.   Somewhere during clean-up I realized our dishwasher was broken... what I thought would be a 15 minute detour slowly turned into an hour... until, it was getting late.  So I bagged my man project and finished decorating the cake, angel-food from scratch with fresh strawberries, whip cream and cookie crumbs. Maggie quickly dispensed with the candles and before we knew it were we all eating cake, that is... all of us except Maggie, who had pushed it aside to eat the ice cream.

Maggie was all business

Intermission between presents

Back to work

All in a days work

Come on Mom, we have got work to do

Ahh, finally I found what I was looking for...

perfect for my sweet tooth.

No trick candles here!


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! Let the terrible twos begin...or continue? :) I just love that girl and wish our little 2 year olds could hang out and be sassy together.

  2. What a fun birthday! And such a cute birthday girl. :) Can't believe she's already 2!

  3. So fun! I loved seeing each and every one of those pictures. I am glad I could satisify her sweet tooth :) And I just love seeing that apron on her. Happiness. It sounds like it was a perfect party for a 2 year old. I am glad it all went well...well...except for the dishwasher. That is no fun. Happy Birthday fun Maggie. We sure do love you!

  4. PS and that cake looks sooo stinkin yummy.

  5. PPS And Sara you look so cute pregnant. Seriously. You look so beatuiful.

  6. Two already? I love it! She looks EXACTLY like her mama. And you look beautiful! I love seeing you pregnant! More of those! :)

  7. HOORAY MAGGIE! She's so fun! I love that it was all business :). And wow, that cake looks divine. I'm so glad it was such a great day! I thought about her all day long!

  8. What a fun celebration!! Love all the fun gifts and that cake sounds delish!