Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving link

I had fun taking everyone's photo this year. I uploaded them to Costco and I uploaded them to my professional page on Pictage, they color correct the images.  It is expensive... so no hard feelings if you don't print through my site but go and mark your favorites just to make me feel good:)


  1. Oh, I cannot wait to go look at them all...lucky them to get all their pictures taken. I am seriously jealous. (A nice kind of jealous. Happy for them, sad for me.) I just ordered our Christmas cards and was sad I could only put a kid picture on it since I don't have one family picture from this year. How did that happen? Seriously? A whole year and no whole family picture? I love all the Hawkins family ones. I am sure all of them are fabulous. I am off to look at Costco since Pictage wouldn't let me in. You are fabulous Stanford. Seriously. I love the pictures you take

  2. Thanks so much for taking these wonderful pics! We will be sending you a Christmas card with your artistry on it :)