Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miss Maggie Moo

Oh how I love this girl! She is almost 17 months and a whopping 30+ lbs! She loves to be out in the Las Vegas heat, more so than her mom and dad. The minute the front door opens she bolts towards it and is out picking up rocks (and throwing them), looking at the plants, and jibber-jabbering about the world in front of her. She loves to go to the park in the mornings and would rather explore her surroundings than play on the equipment. It's rare that she'll let us hold her for more than a few minutes.

This little girl knows what she wants & if she doesn't get it - oh watch out! She has mastered the art of throwing a fit. Sometimes I wonder if the terrible twos have joined us a bit early.

What I love best about Maggie is how happy she is. She laughs and giggles and will just look at you and smile. She will sit on the floor and pull up a book and "read" through it and laugh and point and move on to the next page and do it again. She also loves to sing. Whenever there is music on the radio or Stanford and I start singing, she joins right in. I love it!

It is fun to watch her learn and grow. She is one independent girl. I can't wait for her Uncle Chad to come home from his mission this week and meet her!


  1. She is sure a cute girl! Sounds like she's got quite the personality too. It's so crazy that Chad hasn't even met her yet! Have fun visiting with him!

  2. I love her and that little personality or hers :) I cant believe Chad is coming home this week!!! Time really does fly.

  3. I love her salt waters!! Dang, she's a cutie, and I can't wait to see her (and Uncle Chad) too (and you!!)! I swear they come with their own built in personalities... I love how independent and exploratory she is.

  4. She is such a beautiful little girl. I love reading all about her, she sounds like so, so much fun.
    And everytime I see those Salt Water sandals I think of you and your family. I need to get a pair for Olivia... they're so cute.

  5. Oh, she is seriously such a cutie. I cannot WAIT to see you all this weekend. I love that cute 4th of july dress too. And well, of course the salt waters. They make me happy. Chase pretty much lives in his. I just love them. Sure do love you guys. Oh, can Thursday come soon enough? I don't think so!!

  6. love the salt water sandals! i've had my eye on those for years. maybe i can get them now that we're having a girl... maggie is too cute!

  7. She is such a cutie! She looks like she's ready to get into something in that picture. :) "mom, stop following me!"

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  9. She is turning into such a pretty girl! It's hard to believe that it was over a year ago that we were both pregnant with Maggie and Katey, isn't it? They really do grow up so fast. Katey has been pushing this little baby stroller around everywhere and it's really helping her to want to walk. She's got it down pretty well, just still a little unsure of herself. We need to get them together soon. I know I keep saying that. Talk to you soon!


    p.s. We miss seeing you guys because we're not in the ward anymore.