Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The World is my Playground (Part II)

It is amazing what a few inches brings to Maggie's grasp. She can climb into her stroller to let us know she is ready to go somewhere. She can reach the counter top and pull down any knifes or other sharp objects left near the edge. She can now climb down steps facing forward. She has also figured out how to move chairs to gain access to even more. Everything is available to her and nothing can be left out. It is driving me crazy.

She loves being outside. Indoors she follows me around everywhere but outside she speedily ventures anywhere without me. If I get turned around by a small distraction she can be out of sight in a few seconds. At the playground she is still more interested in things on the ground like rocks, chewing gum and cigarette buds. The hardest about getting this shot was stopping her from eating the bread we were feeding the birds.

Even with the temperatures rising into the hundreds, she could spent her entire days outside. She already has a nice farmers tan.

Maggie loves water and playing with anything she can move around. In the pool she is becoming less and less concerned with holding onto her parents. If there is anything to climb or swim in, she is definitely in heaven.


  1. ewww cigarette buds!!! At least she hasnt discovered dog poop :)
    She is adorable and getting so big!

  2. But at least she's cute, right? Such a little explorer! I just read this and think... this is going to be my life in a few months. AH! Hang in there.

  3. So cute. And don't beat yourself up too much...I lost Rachel at the library today. She was right there! And then she was gone! (Don't worry, I found her.)

  4. ohhh my she is soo cute!! I love her curious and adventurous spirit!