Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend with Raymond

Maggie's little cousin Raymond is all smiles. I thought I would filter the events surrounding him, since I have so very few images of the little guy. I honestly wish I could you could see all his faces.

Raymond at the center of attention!

Raymond the observer and Maggie the explorer.

Fishing for images while the parents aren't watching.

No problems with the babysitters.

Time to take those shoes off.

Raymond knows his noes.

Raymond has a great idea for the last photo.


  1. Really, so cute. Great post, Stanford! (And great pictures too, but that always goes without saying!)

  2. AH! Make my day. Love love love the photos. I know I'm a little biased, but he's pretty cute, huh? I love those pictures with Blake (although I did gasp out loud at the one of him hanging upside down!) I also love the one of him pointing to the sidewalk while Maggie's off exploring :).

    We loved our Uncle Stanford, Aunt Sara, and Maggie time last weekend!!

  3. Oh happiness! I sure did love these. I think my favorites were the first with everyone on the grass and then the one of him discovering and Maggie exploring. It made me wish to have been there just a bit more with all of you. I just love your shots and love this post on Raymond. So great.