Thursday, March 11, 2010


Taya just celebrated her 17th Birthday! She loves to tease me about my age but with every passing year we grow closer in age. Yes, I calculated it out and in three years Taya will be half my age. Every passing year means we are growing closer in age. When I turn a hundred she will be eighty years old... ya, think about that!

Anyway, we love it when she visits. Taya is super optimistic. Since she was young, she has been cooking and helping around the house. She is genuinely kind to others and makes friends quickly. I can't believe some of the things we did when she was young. Most of them relate to camping. It seems like she was always hiking long distances with me, camping under the stars without a tent, sometimes hiking through the night. Once we swam across a glacier lake in Glacier National Park, that was her idea! Anyway, I have a million fabulous memories with her.

Taya didn't start growing hair until she was almost four... Maggie seems to have the same peach fuss cut. Hopefully when Maggie's hair comes in, it will be curly also, and I will never learn how to do girls hair. Anyway, we just wanted to send her a shout-out and happy birthday wishes!


  1. Happy B'day Taya!!! I hope it's the best year yet!

  2. Happy Birthday, Taya! I hope today is fabulous!

    I always forget that she and Paige are just a day apart :). I can't believe how much Maggie and Taya look alike :). (My fingers are crossed Maggie gets Taya's curls too!!).

  3. Happy Birthday Taya!!! I hope your birthday was wonderful! We were thinking about you :)

  4. So sweet, Stanford! Have I mentioned that I also LOVE your new family pic at the top of the blog?? Awesome, totally awesome.