Friday, April 3, 2009

Priesthood Blessings & Family Events

I have received several priesthood blessings throughout my life and now I was excited and nervious to give Maggie her first priesthood blessing. When I was born I received a baby blessing, which ushered me into the world. My blessing was performed by my Father, not to be confused with a baby christening, LDS baby blessings are not a baptism, their main purpose is pronounce a name and blessing to the child, and to re-affirm our faith and commitment to the Lord. Our families drove in from California, Washington and Utah. I love these kind of family affairs. It is nice to belong to a family who supports you. I was extremely nervious about giving the blessing and about Maggie crying and screaming during her blessing... she has a good set of lungs and her little tummy has been hurting lately, but she was completely calm thoughout the blessing, wheww! Maggie was blessed in the same dress Sara was blessed in (Made by her Mother) and Sara's Mom embrodered Sara and Maggie's name into the slip of the dress. It was beautiful.


  1. What fabulous pictures! Looks like a really great time. I'm so glad so much of your family and friends could be there for the blessing. Maggie so so gorgeous. I LOVED the blessing dress. Aunt Cindy is oh so talented . . . even at age 22 when she made that dress. So cool. Hope you guys are doing well and having fun with your sweet baby.

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures Stanford. It was so nice having you bless our daughter and to have alot of our family in town! I am one lucky girl.

  3. beautiful pictures. the one of sara leaning over and kissing maggie while she wears the gorgeous dress is breathtaking.

    what a wonderful time together as a family and seriously, how beautiful is maggie!?!?!

  4. We loved getting to be there for her blessing. Tanner has been standing next to me while we looked a the pictures. He said part way through "We should go to Sara and Stanford's again." It really was so fun getting to spend time with you guys. We sure do love you. And seeing the pictures just makes me want to hold Maggie again!! She really is so beautiful. Thanks for posting all these pictures Stanford. You take such good ones!! Her blessing so so beautiful too.

  5. What a beautiful dress! Maggie looks so precious. I was sad that I missed the blessing!

  6. i love her =)
    i love all the pictures!!! don't stop posting them!
    i can't wait to see you againn

  7. Hooray for getting to be with you on such a special day. I loved (LOVED) being there. Thank you for posting so many wonderful pictures :)

    love you