Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kayak Trip

On August 16th, Stanford, Taya and I set out for an 11 1/2 mile kayaking trip down the Colorado River. We planned this trip well in advance due to the limited number of launch permits they give out to kayakers. We were dropped off with a group at the base of the Hoover Dam and Stanford, Taya and I set out for our adventure at 9:15am ... due to meet at the end point at 3:30pm. The day was perfect: warm and sunny but with an an unexpected situation: wind. The wind didn't affect us too much the first few miles. We leisurely took our time and kayaked through caves and got out and explored a hot spring with a sauna cave, then swam around in the warm water.

After that we got back in our kayaks and set out to try and find another hot spring. It was a pretty rough couple miles that we were trying to get in synch with each others rowing and also battling the waves made by many jet ski's and boats. We finally got to a beach and decided to take a break and eat some lunch. This would be our last stop of the day (at 12:30pm) due to the strong winds that were starting up. We had 7 miles left to go and only 3 hours. It was quite an overwelming task ahead of us. As we set out we had no idea just how grueling it would be. I honestly don't know how we did it. I got sick at one of the windiest points in the trip and poor Stanford was in a kayak all by himself that was geared toward white water kayaking, not kayaking headlong into wind on a river. We were half an hour late to our destination and we really thought we'd never get there. But what kept us going was the beautiful scenery and the billy goats we would see every once in a while along the shore. And once we got to land and our arms were still intact, we thought, ah, we did it! And as we stumbled home and chatted about our triumph over the sea, we thought, hey, maybe next year we'll do it again....

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pregnancy Whoa's

I really can't wait to be through being sick with this pregnancy. It has really put me through the wringer. Yesterday was no exception. I made my first (and hopefully last) visit to the ER. As many of you know I suffer with migraines. And have since I was little. And usually taking medicine and sleeping in a nice dark room will make me better. But this has not been the case since I've been pregnant because there's really no medicine I feel comfortable taking except Tylenol when these migraines hit me. Which means I'm in incredible amounts of pain through most of the day and also throw up multiple times.

Well...yesterday I woke up with another one and after I tried to eat and take some Tylenol, I threw it right up. I knew it was going to be one of those days so I called in sick. But what usually happens is I throw up a bunch in the morning and then sleep as much as I can and usually can slowly start to get fluids and food back into me. Yesterday, I couldn't. It didn't matter what I put in my mouth, I just couldn't keep it down. I ended up getting so weak and dehydrated that I couldn't maintain my balance or stop shaking. After talking to my doctor I ended up getting my good friend Meridy to take me to the ER (Big thanks to you Meridy!!) . I'd never been to the ER but know they are not fun places to wait, especially at a county facility. I ended up waiting for close to 4 hours to get seen and another 3 1/2 before they sent me home. Once I got a room and some IV fluids in me I started to feel better. Poor Stanford came right before I got a room and then didn't feel good himself but sat quietly by my side for the remaining 3 hours I was there. We had a great resident and doctor and I was also able to get a nausea med through my IV because I was still throwing up in the room. But was able to eat and drink a little before I left.

But when I got home and tried eating some more, I couldn't keep it down. (It's the worst feeling ever to not be able to take care of my body the way I want to). I was so restless and hungry from not eating all day that I didn't think I would be able to sleep good, but I did, and even though it was on the sofa (since I could prop myself up better).

Now today is a new day! So far I've been able to keep fluids and a little food in me. I just pray that I can continue to do so. At least I am able to be at home and take it easy. The highlights of my day will include: taking a shower, picking up all the dishes that are lying around my house, and watching a movie. Oh, and eating what I can!! :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008

The cat's out of the bag ...

I'm pregnant!

I'm due February 27th! I'm about 12 weeks and have been VERY sick the last six weeks and still don't feel good. I'm really hoping that I'll start to feel better now that I'm heading into my second trimester.

I'm so excited to also be pregnant along with my sister, Tasha, who is due just a month ahead of me. She's finally going to be an aunt. And we get to walk along this pregnancy together!

I've had both an ultrasound and sonogram now and been able to see the little baby and hear the heart this baby is official. Stanford and I are SO excited!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shout Out...

Sara is definitely not someone to secretly not mention "her birthday" especially the day of or the week of. She has been constantly reminding me for the last week... until this has official become her birthday week... wherein, favors are asked in the name of birthday week. Anyway, it has been great fun. Sara, HAPPY BIRTHDAY... HAPPY BIRTHDAY week!!!

Sara's omelet... in bed of course!!!