Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've had plenty of awkward moments lately to last a lifetime. I'm at the point now where I'm beginning to laugh at it all because it's too comical. And yet the stressfulness I'm experiencing because of these awkward moments is just too real and painful at times. I just got home from a child life conference where I spent last Thursday thru Sunday in San Diego with my co-worker and family. I knew it was going to be awkward before I left and yet, too me, it was too late to back out of it. Well let me tell ya, it was one crazy weekend. I will never do that again. But it's over and I'm back to work and now dealing with awkward situations with my co-worker. To the point where I'm going to start looking for another job. That doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it yet, it just means that I'm going to start the process. I've been at this job for a little less than a year, but in the child life field for 5. I'm at the bottom of the todem pole here and I don't like it. It's hard going from a job where it doesn't matter if you have 18 years of experience or 3 months, you're treated with the same respect and given the same opportunities. Here I feel as if I'm getting dumped on and treated unprofessionally and I'm tired of it. At least I'm getting stronger at standing up for myself and voicing my opinions. That's a difficult thing for me to do. I'm more passive and try to keep peace. But there are times when you've just got to suck it up and stand your ground. I'm learning ever so slowly. And my husband has been so good at helping me.

Here are some pictures of my "miller" friends who I miss ever so much. Being around them at the child life conference was wonderful. I had forgotten how great it was to work with them.

Part of the gang at Hard Rock Cafe. What a fun night we had of laughing and telling stories. Boy do I love these girls.

Stacy and Remi who happened to have blurry faces in the photo above.

Rita (our best boss ever) and Debi - her sidekick ;)

Carrie (who is constantly behind the camera) and Araceli

Saturday night - Allison, Araceli, Judy, me, Trisha & Alicia. Oh and don't forget Ryan, Trisha's husband who's taking the picture! We went to Rockbottom Brewery at the Gaslamp district and ended up getting seated right under the band. We could barely talk to each other. It was pretty comical. We parked in a structure where you exit down what felt like a spiral staircase, only we were driving down it in a mini van. As soon as I looked over I saw a large pillar awfully close and Judy's car scraps right along it. Judy's reaction is "Oh well, I'm getting a new car!" We could barely contain our laughter at how crazy this "exit" was designed. What a fun night.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

wild burros

I am pretty sure we weren't suppose to be hiking up the wash when we crossed between rails of the fence and slid down the sandy bank to the bottom of the wash and started scrambling up over the gentle alluvial streams which ended as quickly as they started. Each one contained it own species of tadpoles and other strange spidery creatures, occasionally Sara's foot would slip into one of these clear pools and she would let out a scream. We continued up and through the wash until we were well above the ranch and its surveillance, where a large gathering of Bristlecone Pine and the Single-leaf Pine were waiting to greet us. We sat under the shade for moment before we scramble up the side of the wash to discover the remnants of several fallen bunk houses with only square concrete slabs remaining and wooden slats scattered across the buckwheat, which was also sticking to our socks and shoes. There was a rusty bed frame sitting squarely on one of the slabs as if untouched by the wind which had tossed the walls and roof far from its concrete ring. I sat down on the slab and Sara sat at the edge of bed frame. I pulled from my pack a tuna sandwich and ate while we listened to the buzz of bees in the surrounding trees. Over the small bank we could hear large hoofs galloping, it sounded like chased outlaws. In few seconds they are gone like an invisible train passing. After we finished eating we climbed up the hill hoping to find a better trail for our return trip but the ground was blanketed with rocks and cactus and the galloping trail we were searching for seemed no where in site. We hiked to edge of small ridge but before we could catch our balance, galloping straight towards us came two wild burros at full speed, at the last minute they bee-lined down the bank and into the gully below. I quickly assured Sara that they were harmless but this was only after they were far out of sight. Then they circled back and we quickly scrambled over the lose rocks and cactus trying to find a place to avoid their path. They ran straight up the hill and turn back and ran down and around and then they were gone. We sat on the edge waiting for a sign to know of if it was safe to continue. After several minutes of silence we waved good-bye to the wild burros and continued on our way.

spring mt. ranch

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tanner turns 4

Stanford and I headed out to CA this weekend for my friend Lulu's wedding and decided at the last minute to stay for Tanner's birthday party and go to her reception that evening. We had such a great time playing with Brayden and Tanner in the morning and helping Tasha get ready for the baseball party. She is quite the hostess. This party had everything: popcorn, cotton candy, cracker jacks, a baseball pinata, baseball games, cupcakes and more. The kids had a blast! Happy Birthday Tanner!

Me and Tanner in the morning waiting for mom and dad to wake up

Brayden - is this kid not adorable?!

Tanner with his birthday donut. He ate this one and another one!

Leila, Tanner, Jake, Vance, Blake & Colin - the birthday crew

Tasha's cute set up of the food

Tanner eating his popcorn

The kids going crazy over the candy from the pinata

One of the games: "Batter, Batter, Pitcher" Like, "Duck, Duck, Goose"

Tanner intent on hitting this ball

Blowing about to blow out the candles on the cupcakes

Present time...isn't this everyone's favorite part of a party?

Cousin Cass with Grandma Snowball

Fun in the Sun

Last weekend two of my co-workers, Cathy and Laura, and I planned a bbq/picnic for some work folks. We had it at a park in North Las Vegas with tons of food and games to play. The weather was great and we had a good turn out and had lot of fun!

Cathy getting the bbq ready for some hamburgers and hot dogs

Cindy (our boss) taking Cathy's little boy Caleb around for a walk

Stanford ready to play some frisbee

Stanford and Duane (Cathy's husband) grillin' up

Some of the crew that showed up:
Top to Bottom L-R:
Spike & Samantha, Cynthia, Cathy,
Michelle & baby, Laura & me!

Cindy playing hot potatoe with all the kids

Stanford & Duane playing b-ball with Cathy's neice