Sunday, November 30, 2008


I promised my mother I would put a new post up here. So here's to you mom, and maybe, just maybe I'll be a little bit better about blogging. No promises though.

Thanksgiving morning. I had to work. Blah. But who could be upset when you walk out the door and see a beautiful rainbow? It made going to work all worth it. And there's my ever-growing belly at 26 weeks. The night before I had trouble with my gallbladder and possibly passed a gal-stone. Worse experience ever. But again. Check out that rainbow. Love it.

Thanksgiving dinner at Cory & Sarah Smith's home. What a feast. Sarah completely outdid herself and Stan and I had so much fun. We are grateful for their friendship and the chance we had to visit with such great people.


  1. yeah! A prego picture!!! I can't believe you passed a gall stone.. I hear that is horrible! At least you looked on the bright side with the rainbow :)
    Love you!

  2. We are so glad that you guys were able to come. We were supposed to photoshop Standford into the pic. I need to get those pictures from you, I didn't get any. If you wouldn't mind, I would love it if you could email them to me. Thanks for coming, we had a great time too. It was nice to have some game players that stuck around...

  3. I love seeing your cute 26 week belly!!! And I am glad you survived your galbladder episode. Seriously, I was stressing for you. The WORST experience and SOOOO painful. I am glad your thanksgiving turned out nice too and that you were able to hang out with friends. Yea to be back blogging again :)

  4. You are so great looking at the bright side of things!! I need your address. You can email it to me at

  5. Sara,
    You look great for five months...believe me! I am glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving....and I am also glad you posted Johnny's stitches. I wanted to know what they looked like.

  6. I can't believe I haven't commented yet! You look fantastic! Seriously I love your belly. I am SO so glad you had a great Thanksgiving and that everything worked out :)