Thursday, October 9, 2008

A itty bitty...

I've been a little distracted lately, Sara has been really kind and supportive. Wednesday, we really thought we might lose my little brother after getting in severe biking accident. He was rushed to the University of Utah where they cut his skull open to relieve the pressure and to stop the bleeding. Anything with the brain really freaks me out... almost more than eye injuries and needles... while he was in surgery I assembled the baby's new rocker... to make the time go by faster...meanwhile, Sara called her family and we all said a prayer for his behalf. My uncle and cousin came down to give him a blessing beforehand. Two hours passed and finally my sister called to say the surgery had gone well. Jonathan is real lucky to be alive.

A itty bitty... re-realizations.

First off, how lucky I am to be married to Sara and for her family... whenever I've lost a job or anything, I know they are all praying for me. Sometimes, my faith is weak... and it nice to have support like that. It seems with all the prayers I have had answered... I would never doubt the power of a prayer but sometimes... especially when something is important... a lot of doubts enter my mind. So it's nice to have my family and hers for backup support. Thanks.

Secondly, I've been so worried about my Mom lately, that this news... really threw me for a tailspin. Well, life is precious. People are precious. These politically debates seem like they have been going on forever... and I find myself growing more cynically especially with the downpour of pessimistic economic news. I resolved to be less sarcastic and to put forth a better effort to remember to be kind and supportive to the people that surround me... just because.

Thirdly, be careful. Jonathan has always been a cautious person. He wears helmets and seat belts and is pretty good at not seeking out danger... my best friend. But for some reason, he has been riding around without a helmet lately. He is lucky to be alive. I realized I should probably be more cautious and grateful when Sara reminds me to buckle-up or put a helmet on.


  1. Stanford I am so so grateful that things went good with Jonathon's surgery and that he seems to be recooperating. I just cried and was so worried when Sara emailed. I am grateful you have a good family that you are so close to and I love having your in ours now!! We are lucky to have you. (And thank you for putting up with Sara right now. Pregnancy is so hard. I know Brian is definatly having to put up with me. I think of you and Brian all the time and am grateful that you support us through all this. :) )

  2. Very well said! I have itty bitty re-realizations all the time. They always seem so profound and then I try to explain their profoundness and it's hard. So good job!

    I'm so glad that your brother is okay!! It's like a metaphor for life when we let our guard down (take off our helmet) then Satan can get us (get in an accident). Brain surgery is scary!!! I'm so glad it went well!

  3. I see your brother from time to time around town. I'm so sorry that he was hurt. That breaks my heart. I will put him in my thoughts.

    You are very blessed in having such wonderful family. I'm glad to know that you have that support system and that you have such a great wife who loves you.