Monday, September 30, 2013

Maggie's first day back to preschool

About a dozen blog posts are well overdue. Since we last talk Maggie started school, Henry started his potty training... very successfully I will say, we're currently expecting another girl, Emma Paige, we had another successful Richins family reunion, Henry got his first stitches, I learned how to braid Maggie's hair, we got a new van, Maggie started liking superheroes, Henry started sleeping in our bed at night, Henry and Maggie became best friends, I became very serious about finding a full-time gig, did I mention we're having another child... Sara and I got a new calling, as the emergency preparedness experts or not-so-expert, life is good, we feel very blessed... we can't imagine life getting any crazier, but I pretty sure it will.