Sunday, April 28, 2013

3 days of bliss

Grandma and Grandpa made a special visit out to see us, which had nothing to do with Chad graduating from BYU.  Okay, maybe Chad gave them a little push but really they wanted to spend time with us.  Maggie and Grandma surprised me when they materialized with Sorry from the game closet.  Grandma played a half dozen games with Maggie, even Grandpa played a few.  They weren't push overs either, no victories were given to protect her princess ego and they even made her play by the rules. I was very impressed these interactions.  Somehow Maggie got Grandpa to open up and tell her stories of his childhood.  It was great hear some of his stories.  I now have a great idea for recording his personal history, just get him talking to Maggie.

They stocked us up with ice cream, fruit icicles and a little candy, to my welcomed surprise. We went on a little hike and I think I got my favorite picture of Grandpa on this trip with Maggie.  Henry and Maggie really loved it, the weather was perfect.  It was a great visit.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A day trip worth a million dollars

These pictures do very little to describe how much I love Sara today. We had had some discussion about driving up to Zion for the day.  The drive is over three hours and then a long steep hike with the kids and a shuttle ride and then the long drive home, these were only a few of things stacked against today.  The biggest hurdle was that the plans were last minute.  It is the kind of plans that Sara dislikes most.  I rescheduled my architecture licensing exam last minute, which freed up the day. And even though it seemed like a horrible idea from the beginning, I desperately wanted to go.   I hate missing an adventure.

When I rolled out of bed, I knew my Mom and sister would be hiking Angels Landing in few hours. I text my sister, and true to her word she had left Salt Lake City at 5am.  Sara had convinced me this was a bad idea but as I got dressed, I grabbed my hiking shoes, which is the first thing Sara noticed when I walked into the kitchen.  She had her running shoes on and was ready to leave for a long run, important preparations for her half marathon, which was only few weeks away.  I said, I think I might take the kids to Zion.  Sara was silent and left the room.  In few minutes she returned with her hiking boots and said, "I am not letting you go by yourself."  And off we went.  Yes, it was a long drive.  Yes, the kids were crazy.  Yes, we left the house a disaster but I wouldn't have traded today for a million dollars.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Angry Birds

I almost forgot how much I love doing emotions for photographs.  Thanks, Tonya for calling out the emotions and Laura and Megan for getting into the zone.  Henry and Maggie fell in lock and step.